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Discover a part of Europe you did not expect and tailor-make your own tour to experience the best of what Europe can offer you.

Travel Destinations
The chosen countries must be bordering, and be linked by a direct (not through another country) train or shipping line which is part of the existing Eurail offer. Some of the trains may transit through a country not covered by the pass. In that case an additional ticket must be purchased


You travel in You can travel to
Austria Croatia/Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Italy Switzerland, Czech Republic
Benelux* France, Germany, Ireland
Bulgaria/Montenegro/Serbia* Croatia/Slovenia, Greece, Hungary, Romania
Croatia/Slovenia* Austria, Bulgaria/Montenegro/Serbia, Hungary, Italy
Czech Republic Austria, Germany
Denmark Germany, Norway, Sweden
Finland Germany, Sweden
France (including Monaco) Benelux, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland
Germany Austria, Benelux, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France Sweden Switzerland
Greece Bulgaria/Montenegro/Serbia, Italy
Hungary Austria, Bulgaria/Montenegro/Serbia, Croatia/Slovenia, Romania
Ireland Benelux, France
Italy Austria, Croatia/Slovenia, France, Greece, Spain, Switzerland
Norway Denmark, Sweden
Portugal Spain
Romania Bulgaria/Montenegro/Serbia, Hungary
Spain France, Italy, Portugal
Sweden Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway
Switzerland Austria, France, Germany, Italy

* Are considered as 1 destination

> Liechtenstein and Monaco are respectively considered as part of Austria and France
> Norway and Finland are not considered as adjoining countries. They have a joint border but to get by train from Norway to Finland you have to pass through Sweden.
Benelux: Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg

What you get
Destinations: unlimited travel in 3 to 5 bordering countries to choose from among 24 countries 
» Travel : 5 to 15 days within 2 months 
» Flexible Pass: travel days may be used consecutively or not 
» Class of service: 1st and 2nd class 
» Discounts: Child (4-11), Youth (12-25), Friends/Families (2 to 5 people travelling together) 
» Seat reservation: mandatory on high speed and scenic trains. 
» Free travel package: European Rail Map, Timetable, Traveller’s guide

Who can get
People with a permanent residence (for more than 6 months) outside of Europe, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation or Turkey are eligible to purchase or use a Eurail Pass.

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