Italian International Trains in brief
Your arrival in the next European country on your list will be via the majestic snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites and the Alps if you travel on board a highspeed Italian International train from Italy. 
The Italian International service is one of the most practical to reach your destination in comfort and quiet whether that’s Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria or Eastern Europe.

Start in Milan or Venice, and head for Zurich on board the high-speed Cisalpino, one of the world’s most modern tilting trains with advanced electrical systems, which cut travel time dramatically. And of course in travelling by train, after experiencing the beautiful landscapes you’re dropped off right in the centre of the city.

Trains from Italy leave every day with comfortable carriages, shorter journey times, and competitive fares, making it the best way to travel between the serviced countries.

The Italian International Trains network
Main destinations for the Italian International Trains include Barcelona, Venice, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Budapest, and Zurich.

Here’s an idea of the duration times
Rome – Naples (1h 10m)
Milan – Florence (1h 45m)
Rome – Milan (2h 45m)
Milan – Bologna (1h 05m)
Milan – Naples (4h 10m)




Our tip
» Italians are known for their friendly outlook so greet your fellow passengers on trains from Italy with a simple ’buon giorno’ as you sit down. To find out if a seat is vacant, say ’occupato? or ’e libero?’.

Before you board
The stations:

» All the main Italian stations have trolleys, baggage lockers, foreign exchange facilities, restaurants, car rental offices and hotel reservations.

Check-in & boarding
» Ticket control will occur on board the trains from Italy. 
» Reservations are required. The fare includes the cost of the ticket and the reservation.

There are two levels of service, 1st and 2nd class. All trains are air conditioned with a restaurant and bar car selling full meals and snacks

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