Elipsos Trenhotel in brief
The Elipsos train offers a smooth and relaxed overnight journey through Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland in the comfort of a well-equipped carriage. Created in 2001, the joint venture between SNCF and RENFE is the perfect option if you want to combine the cost of travel with accommodation.

The Elipsos Trenhotel prides itself on its likeness to a hotel with comfy beds and knowledgeable staff who’ll make sure you’re awake and ready for your stop, and that your journey is one to enjoy.

There’s free time to enjoy the leisure and tourist attractions of the en route destinations including Disneyland® Resort Paris, Futuroscope, Port Aventura, the Costa Brava and the Loire Valley.

Make the most of your holiday with a good night’s sleep in a traveling hotel and you’ll be ready to tackle your destination in the morning with renewed zest.

The Elipsos network
Connecting Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Milan and the Swiss cities of Geneva, Lausanne, Freiburg, Berne and Zurich among others.

Popular journeys
Paris – Madrid (13h 23m)
Barcelona – Paris (11h 56m)
Barcelona – Milan (12h 21m)
Barcelona – Zurich (14h 29m)


Our tip
» Return ticketholders traveling Grand or Club Class are entitled to 48 hours free parking at Madrid Chamartin, and one-way ticketholders are allowed 24.

Before you board
The stations
The Elipsos Trenhotel’s main stations are all located in the centre of the cities, so as soon as you arrive you’re poised for action.
» Most stations have a left-luggage office, car hire and information desk.
» At Madrid’s Chamartin and Valladolid stations, Grand Class or Club Class ticket holders have free access to the clubroom from 2 hours before departure.

Check-in and boarding
» If you’re traveling in a group or a pair ask about the offers available.
» The Elipsos train takes bikes and pets but arrangements must be made beforehand.
» A maximum of three items of luggage are allowed per person, not exceeding 20kg or 250cm. Shopping bags included!

» With an onboard restaurant that uses only the best ingredients and features a well-stocked bar, the Elipsos train combines the advantages of train travel with all the comforts of a hotel. 
» Bilingual staff are on hand throughout the night to ensure your comfort.

» The Elipsos train offers four classes of service:

gran class

» Gran Class
› Air conditioned carriages
 Bistro or restaurant
 1 or 2 bed
› Private washbasin
 Complementary toilet kit
› Newspapers and magazines
 Shower and private WC
› 3-course dinner with wine











» Club Class 
 Air conditioned carriages
 Bistro or restaurant
 1 or 2 bed
 4 bed cabin
 Private washbasin
› Complementary toilet kit
› Breakfast
 Newspapers and magazines









tourist class

» Tourist Class
 Air conditioned carriages
› Bistro or restaurant
 4 bed cabin
› Private washbasin












Sleeperettes (reclining seat)
 Air conditioned carriages
› Bistro or restaurant

reclining seats



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