Austria International Night Train in brief
The BB Night Train enables you to travel across the most embraced countries in Europe: Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland and Croatia.

The Austria International Night Trains offer state-of-the-art comfort and excellent service from on board personnel. They also offer the opportunity to arrive at your destination well rested, and having saved on accommodation costs with comfy sleeper cabins.

The Austria International Night Train network
Main destinations for the Austria International Night Trains include Rome, Naples, Milan and Florence

Popular journeys
Budapest – Zurich (12h 15m)
Vienna – Zurich (8h 55m)
Graz – Zurich (10h 45m)
Berlin – Vienna (12h 12m)
Hamburg – Vienna (12h 35m)
Vienna – Bregenz (9h 34m)
Vienna – Strasbourg (10h 08m)
Prague – Zurich (13h 09m)
Zurich – Zagreb (13h 13m)

Our tip
» There are special compartments available for women, babies, children and smokers, just ask when you book.

Before you board 
The stations
» OBB promise modern and comfortable stations with travel agencies to advise on holiday planning, cosy coffee shops and plenty of shopping! Check-in & boarding on The Austria International Night Train
» No check-in beforehand, check-in directly with the sleeping car steward.
» Fares include the price of the ticket and the reservation.

On board

» Deluxe Class
› Double-deck sleeper cars to Zurich and Bregenz
› Comfortable bed, table and chairs
› Private shower and WC
 Breakfast included
› Snacks and drinks

» Sleeper
 Private shower and WC
› Breakfast included
› Snacks and drinks
 1–4 beds cabins
› Separate ladies’ and gents’ compartments 

» Couchettes
 Breakfast included
 Snacks and drinks
 Separate ladies’ and gents’ compartments
 4–6 beds per compartment
› Shared washrooms 

» Second class seats
 Snacks and drinks
› Comfortable reclining seat

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