Artesia Day Train in brief
Artesia, the high-speed premier day train, offers three daily round-trip connections between the main cities of France and Italy. Traveling at speeds of 270 km/h (180mph) you can enjoy the beautiful countryside of both France and Italy as you sit back in your comfortable seat and indulge in this relatively short and convenient train trip.

A total of 16 travel destinations are offered between the day and night Artesia trains - making it easy to combine a multi-city France - Italy excursion.

The 8-car Artesia Train can be reserved 90 days prior to the departure date.

The Artesia Day Train network
Main destinations include Paris, Torino and Milan in France and Italy.

Popular journeys
Paris Gare de Lyon - Torino Porta Susa (5h 30m)
Torino Porta Susa – Milano Centrale (1h 33m)

Our tip
» DVD players and DVDs are available for rent from the club car or the snack cart.

Before you board
» The stations The Salon Grand Voyageur Lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon station in France and Milan’s Club ES* Lounge in Italy, welcomes 1st class passengers.

» Check-in & boarding Your pass needs to be validated prior to boarding the Artesia Day Train at the station. Please remember the France Rail Pass can’t be validated in Italy, and the Eurail Italy Pass can’t be validated in France.


In 1st or 2nd class, always travel in comfort 
Aboard Artesia Day trains, you travel in 1st class in large and comfortable reclining seats and can even benefit from a “solo seat” to fully enjoy your train journey in privacy. 2nd class aboard the Artesia Day trains offers 2 adjoining seats or a “Carré” space with generous legroom.

Subway tickets available aboard Artesia Day trains: Take advantage of this service and save time! 
» Save time and trouble by planning your journey in advance! Tickets for subway rail services in Milan and Paris can now be purchased in the buffet-bar on all Artesia TGVs.
Never be thirsty or hungry aboard Artesia Day trains 
» Whether you are in 1st or 2nd class, all Artesia Day trains have a bar-buffet which offers a large
selection of beverages and snacks that you can consume in the comfort of your own seat 



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