Benefit from a wide network of high speed and local trains with unlimited rail travel among 22 countries. From Denmark and Finland to Spain and Portugal, from Croatia and Hungary to Italy and France, the Eurail Global Pass stays the best option to discover Europe across its culture, traditions, gastronomy and climate diversity.

The Eurail Global Pass offers you a unique experience of travel, comfort, hassle-free journeys and a wide range of destinations within Europe.

Eurail has tailor-made formulas especially for you and makes you benefit from bonuses so that Europe is finally yours

Travel destinations
Eurail Global Pass allows unlimited rail travel in the participating 22 Eurail countries Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Spain Ireland Italy Luxemburg Netherlands Norway Portugal Romania Slovenia Sweden Switzerland
** Liechtenstein and Monaco are respectively considered part of Austria and France)

What you get
» Destinations: unlimited travel on the national rail networks of 22 European countries 
» Travel: 15 days to 3 months or 10 to 15 days within 2 months 
» Continuous Pass: travel days must be used consecutively 
» Flexible Pass: travel days may be used consecutively or not 
» Class of service: 1st and 2nd class 
» Discounts: Child (4-11), Youth (12-25), Friends/Families (2 to 5 people travelling together) 
» Seat reservation: mandatory on high speed and scenic trains. 
» Free travel package: European Rail Map, Timetable, Traveller’s guide

Benefit from bonuses in selected countries and tailor-make your tour in Europe. Hotels discount, reduced boat crossing, buses, museums... your Eurail Pass allows you a wide range of negotiated offers in 17 countries in Europe so that you will fully enjoy the journey!

Travel bonuses may necessitate usage of a travel day.

** Ireland: Northern Ireland is not included

Special Pass holder fares on
Eurostar, Thalys, AVE, Talgo 200, Talgo Day, Spanish Day and Night Trains, Genève Med, France-Genève TGV, Lyria, Bruxelles-France TGV, X2000, Berlin-Warszawa Express, Artesia Day & Night, Paris-Germany Night, CityNightLine, Lusitania, Elipsos.

Who can get
People with a permanent residence (for more than 6 months) outside of Europe, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation or Turkey are eligible to purchase or use a Eurail Global Pass

How to use

» Passes must be validated within 6 months of issuing date by a railway official in one of the countries mentioned on the Eurail One Country Pass (station’s desk) who also fills in the passport number 
» Passes must be validated prior to boarding 1st train (All parties must be present when validating a Saverpass) 
» The date of travel has to be entered in the correct way before boarding the first train, by the traveller, in the corresponding box of the calendar

7:00pm rule
» If an overnight train starts after 7:00pm on a validated Eurail One Country Pass, the pass holder must enter the next day’s date on the pass, provided it falls within the validity of the pass. 
» If an overnight train starts before 7:00pm on a validated Eurail One Country Pass, the pass holder has to fill in two days on the pass: the starting day’s date AND the arrival day’s date on the pass, provided it falls within the validity of the pass.

Exception for ARTESIA Paris - Roma night train
» For holders of a Eurail Pass with flexible travel days, Eurail Global Pass holders are allowed to enter the date of the next day in their calendar box when using overnight train n°227 (Paris to Roma only) which leaves before 7:00 PM from Paris

Each time before boarding a train, bus or boat, it is important that passengers record their trip in the Travel Report on the Pass cover (in blue or black ink). If passengers travel without having entered the trip in the Travel Report, they risk a fine and payment of a full fare ticket.

Fare and conditions 

General description
This pass is not valid for residents of Europe, the Russian Federation and Turkey.
This pass offers unlimited on the national rail networks of 22 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland).

Conditions of use
Pass must be validated (stamped at the train station) within 6 months of the issuance date.

After sales
A 15% cancellation penalty applies to completely unused and not validated passes returned within 1 year of issue date
Partially used, lost or stolen passes are non-refundable.

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