The sightseeing of its varied landscape of mountains, forests and lakes will enchant you. Germany offers you as well a wide range of events, concerts and carnival parties that make the country a great holiday destination to be discovered with the rhythm of a complete rail travel across the country.

With world famous sites like the Black Forest, the Rhine Valley and the castles of Bavaria, Germany has never been more exciting or accessible.

Travel destinations
The German Rail Pass is THE best way to discover Germany for non European residents. This pass provides unlimited travel on the Deutsch Railways (Deutsche Bahn) either in 1st Class or 2nd Class. Moreover, thanks to partnerships bonuses, Germany can be the starting point of a more complete trip across Europe with special offers Berlin Warszawa Express, Paris-Germany Night Trains...

Your imagination is the unique limit to your journey.

What you get
» Destinations: unlimited travel on the national rail network of Germany 
» Travel: 3 to 10 days within 1 month 
» Flexible Pass: travel days may be used consecutively or not 
» Class of service: 1st and 2nd class 
» Discounts: Child (6-11), Youth (12-25), Twin (2 people travelling together) 
» Seat reservation: mandatory on high speed and scenic trains. 
» Children under 6: free (except if a reservation for a separate seat/bed is required)

Who can get
Non European permanent residents from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey (for more than six months) are eligible to purchase or use a German Rail Pass.

How to use
» Passes must be validated within 6 months of issuing date by a railway official in Germany (station’s desk) who also fills in the passport number
» Passes must be validated prior to boarding the first train/ship
» An Inspector on international trains to Germany may also validate a pass when the holder of the German Rail Pass arrives in Germany. In that case, the starting date for validity to be shown on the pass is the date on which it is inspected
» The date of travel has to be entered in the correct way before boarding the first train/ship, by the traveller, in the corresponding box of the calendar

7:00pm rule
» If a direct overnight train starts after 7:00pm on a validated German Rail Pass, the pass holder must enter the next day’s date on the pass, provided it falls within the validity of the pass

Each time before boarding a train, bus or boat, it is important that passengers record their trip in the Travel Report on the Pass cover (in blue or black ink). If passengers travel without having entered the trip in the Travel Report, they risk a fine and payment of a full fare ticket.

Fare and conditions 

General description
This pass is not valid for residents of Europe, the Russian Federation and Turkey.
This pass offers unlimited on the national rail network of Germany

Conditions of use
Pass must be validated (stamped at the train station) within 6 months of the issuance date.

After sales
A 15% cancellation penalty applies to completely unused and not validated passes returned within 1 year of issue date

Partially used, lost or stolen passes are non-refundable.