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Discover Great Britain as you have never seen it!

Single, with your family or a group of friends, the British railway network opens to you and promises you a typically British journey across England, Scotland and Wales.

Travel destinations
The BritRail Consecutive Pass and Flexi Pass are valid for travel on the railway network of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) but are not valid in Northern Ireland.

Enjoy your trip in Great Britain and tailor-make your travel on the railway network of England, Scotland and Wales

One of these BritRail Passes can undoubtedly be yours!

What you get
» Destinations: unlimited travel on the national rail networks of England, Scotland and Wales 
Travel : 3 days to 1 month (continuous) or 3 to 15 days within 2 months (flexi)
» Continuous Pass: travel days must be used consecutively 
» Flexible Pass: travel days may be used consecutively or not 
» Class of service: 1st and 2nd class 
» Discounts: Child (5-15), Youth (16-25), Senior (60 and over) 
» Seat reservation: mandatory on high speed and scenic trains.

Who can get
People with a permanent residence outside of the United Kingdom, for more than six months, are eligible to purchase or use a Britrail Consecutive or Flexi pass. The Pass is not valid for residents of Europe